KISS Alive 2 1977 cd
KISS Greatest KISS 1996 cd
KISS Psycho Circus 1998 cd

KISS Interview 1997 cd

KISS Psycho Circus 1998 cdms
KISS We Are One 1998 cdms
KISS We Are One 1998 cds

KISS Hotter than hell 1974 lp
KISS KISS 1974 lp
KISS Dressed to kill 1975 lp
KISS Alive 1975 lp
KISS Rock and roll over 1976 lp
KISS Alive II 1977 lp
KISS Double platinum 1978 lp
BILD KISS Gene Simmons 1978
KISS Paul Stanley 1978
KISS Dynasty 1979
KISS Unmasked 1980
BILD KISS Music from "The elder" 1981
KISS Creatures of the night 1982
KISS Killers 1982
BILD KISS Lick it up 1983
BILD KISS Animalize 1984
KISS Creatures of the night 1985 lp
KISS Killers 1982 lp
KISS Asylum 1985 lp
KISS Crazy Nights 1987 lp
KISS Hot in the shade 1989 lp
KISS Revenge 1992 lp

KISS I was made for loving you 1979 s
KISS Magic Touch 1979 s
BILD KISS Sure Know Something 1979 s
KISS Shandi 1980 s
KISS The Oath 1981 s
KISS I love it loud 1982 s
KISS Lick It Up 1983 s
KISS Lick It Up 1983 s
KISS All Hell's Breakin' Loose 1984 s
KISS Heaven´s on fire 1984 s
KISS Heaven´s on fire 1984 s
KISS Heaven´s on fire 1984 s
KISS Thrills in the night 1984 s utan omslag
KISS Tears are falling 1985 s
KISS UH! All Night 1985
KISS Crazy crazy nights 1987 s
KISS Reason to live 1987 s
KISS Turn on the night 1987 s
KISS Black Diamond (live) 1988 s
KISS Forever 1989 s
KISS Hide your heart 1989 s
KISS God gave rock ´n´ roll to you II 1991 s
KISS Every time I lool at you 1992 s

Ace Frehley - Frehley´s comet 1987 lp
Ace Frehley - Into the night 1987 s
Ace Frehley´s comet - Live + 1 1988 lp
BILD Peter Criss - Criss 1994 lp picture disc
Peter Criss - Let me rock you 1982 lp
Vinnie Vincent invasion - Vinnie Vincent invasion 1986 lp
Vinnie Vincent invasion - All system go 1988 lp

KISS Love Gun

The Second Coming 1998 vhs